James did a Bachelor of Engineering in Micro Electronic Engineering (major in Communication Systems), at Griffith University. His final project was with Airservices Australia working as an industrial design engineer.


Airservices Australia thesis title: “A Design for Air-Traffic Audio Control”

For the High Frequency Rationalisation and Modernisation Project (HFRAMP), James developed the “Audio Processor Module” that routes all audio communication between the aircraft and the air-traffic controllers. The system now manages Australia’s oceanic airspace (equating to 11% of the worlds airspace).


Intelligent Control Systems Laboratory – Research Student

Working in a research team, James developed a voice recognition interface to operate a small two passenger electric vehicle. He also developed the ‘Griffith Uni Control Board’ that was used in the Digital Control Systems course as part of the Universities Micro-electronics curriculum.



Thesis title: “Design of an Autonomous Hovering Miniature Air Vehicle as a Flying Research Platform”

James later did a Masters of Aeronautical Engineering Research at the University of Sydney. He created a coaxial contra-rotating Miniature Air Vehicle (MAV), that was designed to be used as a flying research platform for education. This work was done back in 2005-2006, before Quad-rotors and Multi-copters became main stream technology.


– Dr James F. Roberts – UAVs / Drones Australia –